Road Freight


Our Road division offers you a one stop service for transporting full and partial truckloads throughout Nigeria.

System Benefits

We collaborate with various professional transport companies in the area of truckload shipping and we will select exactly the right partner to meet your specific requirements for each job.

RUBYCOM SERVICES LIMITED has a dedicated team of road cargo professionals always ready to assist you. Our experts will support you in listening to your needs and analysing your business requirements to propose the most efficient and cost-effective freight shipping solution

Rubycom Services

Whether your consignment is one box, one pallet or a full trailer load, we have a service for you that can transport your goods quickly and efficiently regardless of destination

Our personal assistance focus allows us to completely customize your shipment as a special project. Whatever you need we are ready to listen to your requirements, planning complex logistics movements to efficiently deliver to you the simplest freight solution.

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We bring to you a complete and comprehensive package of revolutionary services backed by a team of professionals with vast experience in all area of international freight forwarding industry & Customs Broker in air, sea and land.

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